Bevis Schock
  1. BulletWhether the problem can be solved at all.

  2. BulletIf the problem can be solved, whether this is the attorney who can solve it, and.

  3. BulletWhether the fees are going to be fair.

My answers to these worries are as follows: 

First, I have been in the general practice of law for 30 plus years and so I have a few battle scars.  I can normally provide an initial evaluation by the end of the first meeting.

Second, I think the client has to feel in the gut whether I am the right lawyer.  I can tell you that I only take cases in which I think I can help.  I can also tell you that at the end of the first meeting the client can walk out and pay nothing.  When it feels right both sides know it.

Third, I practice on my own.  I like to think I am light on my feet and can work reasonably quickly.  For bills based on hourly work, I provide a line by line record of what I have done and when I have done it. 

The client has come to the attorney not because it is a beautiful spring day but because the client has a problem.

Upon entering the attorney’s office the client is worried about at least three things: 

Lets Look at this from the client’s perspective.


Bevis Schock

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